Paul Earl Rich, Principal, born in Honolulu, HA. Graduated from Jefferson High School. BS from Florida Southern College. MA from University of South Florida. EDS from University of South Florida. He has been afficilated with Nature’s Classroom since it inception in 1969. He has held positions in the Hillsborough County main office and principal of LaVoy Exceptional Center.

Mike Mullins, Curriculum Supervisor, born in Tampa. BA in Biology from the University of South Florida, MA in Curriculum and Instruction from U.S.F. Mike has 30 years experience in Hillsborough County plus one year at the Energy and Marine Center in Pasco County. Has worked with Nature’s Classroom for 5 years.

Karen Y. Johnson, Lead Teacher. Graduated from East Bay High School. Bachelors of Science in Education from the University of South Florida. Has taught in Hillsborough County elementary and middle schools for 9 years and has worked at Nature’s Classroom for 3 years.

Mario R. Boronell, Teacher, born in Tampa. Mr. Boronell graduated from Middleton Sr. High School in the Hillsborough School System. In 1962 he graduated from Florida A&M University earning a Bachelors degree in education. In 1977 he earned a masters degree also in education at University of Tampa. Mr. Boronell was employed by the Hillsborough School System in 1963 where he taught at Henderson and Lomax Elementary schools. In 1969 he transferred from Lomax Elementary to Nature’s Classroom. Since 1969, Mr. Boronell has remained at Nature’s Classroom teaching Environmental Education. He is known by the visiting teachers and students as “Mr. B.”. While teaching at Nature’s Classroom he has shared in developing and implementing the Ecosystem Study Program.

William H. Munsey, Teacher. Bill came to Tampa to go to college at the University of Tampa. He received his Masters’ degree and did his advanced studies at the University of South Florida. He has taught for Hillsborough County school system for 34 years. Twenty years at Nature’s Classroom. His greatest joy in life is teaching the children of Hillsborough County the beauties and wonders of nature.

Sam Osborne, Instructor. Born in Norton, VA. Moved to Florida 1962. Graduated high school (Vanguard High) in Ocala, FL in 1972. Worked for U.S. Geological Survey. Graduated College U.S.F. in 1980 with a B.A. Arts & Literature. Professional Musician & songwriter. Has been at Nature’s Classroom for 1 ½ years.

John Read, Instructor, is a native of Tampa. John joined the staff of Nature’s Classroom as a teacher in August of 2000 after leaving the business world as a sales representative for a major corporation. He enjoys tennis and photography.

Beth Rich, Instructor. Born in Tampa. Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator and licensed nuisance animal removal/office. Has been employed at Nature’s Classroom for 2 years. Beth also facilitates a wetlands program at Lettuce Lake Park.

Tom Shay, Instructor. Born in Pottstown, PA. Graduated U.S.F. with a BA (Psychology). Received MA in (General Psychology) at Cal State University, LA. Joined staff at Nature’s Classroom, April, 1996. Enjoys most outdoor activities.

James Taylor, Instructor. Florida Native. Attended King High School. Has worked with Nature’s Classroom for 4 years.

Ruth Atwater, Secretary, born in Tampa, attended Roosevelt, Wilson and Plant High School with 2 years at South Georgia Jr. College. Has worked for School District 22 years, one year at Nature’s Classroom.

Keith (Corky) Welsh, Head Grounds Keeper. Born in York, PA. Has been working at Nature’s Classroom for 26 years as Head Grounds Keeper. Corky says that Nature’s Classroom is a great place to work.

Manuel R. Fernandez, Jr. Maintenance Staff. Has worked at Nature’s Classroom since 1996. Received education (K-12) within the Hillsborough County school system and attended Nature’s Classroom in 1980 as a sixth grader. He considers it a joy and a privilege to work for this program.

Ellen (Elly) Read, Health Assistant, is originally from New York City. She moved to Tampa in 1978 to escape the cold winters of the northeast. Elly has a background in respiratory therapy and since 1985 has worked with Hillsborough County school health services. Elly has worked in many school clinics and has been at Nature’s Classroom since 1997.

Tom Anderson, Bus Driver/Teacher Aide. Born in Georgia. Florida resident of 47 years. Attended Florida State University. Retired Firefighter. Has been a driver for the Hillsborough County School System for 10 years and has been with Nature’s Classroom for 7 years.

Judy Delgado, Bus Driver/Teacher Aide. Is a Florida native and graduate of Hillsborough High School. Has worked for the Hillsborough County School System and Nature’s Classroom for 28 years. Loves swimming, gardening and being with her family.

Carolyn Luneack, Bus Driver/Teacher Aide, born in Richmond, Indiana. Moved to Florida in 1969. Carolyn has worked at Nature’s Classroom since 1980. She drives the students to and from Nature’s Classroom. She also teaches about the Hillsborough River Watershed, Survival, Animal Compound or Interpretive Center. Carolyn’s hobbies are swimming, beach, and gardening. She loves her grandchildren.

Judy Pearson, Bus Driver/Teacher Aide born in St.Petersburg, FL. Has worked at Nature’s Classroom since 1975 as a bus driver and boat driver.

“Booger” Fernandez, Dog. School mascot, comrade and wildlife consultant. Has been with Nature’s Classroom for 5 years.